Las Vegas Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Las Vegas Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Las Vegas Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss
By Karina Popa

Neon Museum

Throughout the years, numerous tourists who have visited Las Vegas consider its dazzling, colorful neon signs as one of the most memorable sights of the city. These high-rise advertising beacons became one of the reasons why Vegas is famous. At present, the Neon Museum is doing its best to preserve part of the city’s history by buying, storing and at times, even restoring the historic neon signs that have been set aside when businesses have closed or new signs have replaced older images.

Most of these signs can be seen by taking a tour with a guide at the Neon Museum, where the old neon signs are kept in a large compound. Tourist guides explain the history behind the signs and designs that have developed throughout the years. There is ongoing work in the museum and signs vary in conditions. There are cases when only a part has been saved or found while in other instances, the signs have been completely restored to their original state. Such contrast lets the museum be more interesting and makes visitors realize the amount of work and maintenance needed by these huge signs.

Luxor Hotel

The Luxor Hotel, which is another unique theme hotel, is found at the far southwest tip of the Strip. The hotel has an ancient Egyptian design with its pyramid shape and a sphinx that proudly gazes out over the street. Just like all major resorts, the Luxor has a vast range of restaurants and shopping places. One of the features of Luxor Hotel that stand out is the beam of light that protrudes from the pyramid’s highest point and extends up into the sky, which can be seen throughout Las Vegas.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

A really one-of-a-kind experience is Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Visitors will be able to experience skydiving even when there is no airplane or parachute. Certified instructors will accompany them to a vertical wind tunnel and they will be dressed in a special gear. When the fan is turned on, a participant can float in the air without any effort. This does not require any experience.

MGM Grand Hotel plus CSI: The Experience

The Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Hotel is just across New York – New York Hotel and diagonal to the Excalibur Resort Hotel. MGM Grand Hotel comes with all the amenities visitors look for in a luxury hotel such as more than average accommodations, an extraordinary pool area, numerous restaurants and lots of entertainment choices. One of the popular activities of the hotel is CSI: The Experience, wherein participants use their detective skills like in the popular CSI television series.

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